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Music in My Life
Music in My Life:

Music in My Life
Tremaine Parsons

I was born in 1951 and had the fortunate experience of being in grade school at a time when music instrument instruction was available to all students. I had weekly lessons in percussion during 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. During this time , my brother collected Elvis, and other, 45 RPM records which I would play. I even also remember having Stevie Wonder's 1st, 45rpm, singles "Fingertips 1 and 2".

Entering Junior High, the Beatles were just hitting the US and I remember learning guitar chords for "Please Please Me" and the other tunes getting regular airtime as well as learning how to tune a guitar. Junior High was also the time to be in a band attempting to play Beatles and Stones cover tunes and I suppose we did OK all things considered. We played a few Junior High dances and everyone screamed just like a Beatles concert. Moving into High School, my interests turned toward the piano and I started working the piano actively around 1967.

To date, my most prolific composition period was from around 1970 to 1990 and during this time I also played some Flute, Baritone and Tenor Sax. In 1992 I moved across country to California. During the 90's my creative side moved somewhat to my new family, computer programming (how unromantic), and internet related business opportunities.

I consider 1992 - 2020 to be sort of my music writing dormant stage but I feel an awakening drive stirring to revisit the many composition sketches that I never finished as well a new entities and ideas that have been simmering during this time.

At the end of the 80's, I cobbled together a midi studio with a very nice weighted Roland midi keyboard controller, a Roland synth piano sound module (MKS20 - Excellent Piano Module by the way), and an IBM PC running DOS with Roger Powell's Texture sequencing software. To this, I added some much lesser quality instrument sound modules (FB01 and TX81Z) so the below  six tunes do have a somewhat "canned" sound quality on the trumpets, guitars, and other instruments.

Using this equipment, I engineered a handful of my favorite compositions from the 70's and 80's. All of my composition archives are still packed in boxes from my 1992 cross country move so specific composition dates below are approximate.

Having traveled in Mexico during the 60's 70's and 80's, as well as a two month trip to South America (Colombia and Ecuador) in 1972, my writing is definitely influenced by "latin" music infrastructure. I can't help it, it just happened and I love it!! It is what moves my heart.

I would say that I have been most influenced by the following (in no particular order and not limited to): Horace Silver, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Bill Evans, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, The Doobie Brothers.

One of my goals in the future is to revisit some of these (and others) to re-engineer, slow down the tempo, and release as solo piano sketches. Or, for some (and others), re-release with better quality sound samples of other instruments. See New Project 2020 Below!

* = Some of My Favorites

Note: All songs are concept sketches so feel free to bail out midway through a tune.

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Title / Facts

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Equatorian Cycles *
Conceived mid 70's
Engineered late 80's
equatorian cycles.mp3
Hi Rise *
Conceived late 80's
Engineered late 80's
hi rise.mp3
Park Returns
Conceived 1980's
Engineered late 80's
park returns.mp3
The Lifter
Conceived 1980's
Engineered late 80's
the lifter.mp3
- See New Remake Near Bottom -
Conceived 1970's
Engineered late 80's
The Mimbres (vocals)*
Conceived late 80's
Engineered late 80's
the mimbres.mp3

New Project 2020
Songs for my Family (and friends)

Of course, the above are included and, as mentioned, I hope to do a few of the above
as solo piano and less technoid.

All Materials © 1968 to present date - Tremaine Parsons
All content conceived and created by Tremaine Parsons unless otherwise noted.
All rights reserved

Wow, my chops are way out of shape but I will do the best I can

The quality of "sampled" musical instruments has vastly improved of the past 40 years though nothing can do justice to a really good Saxophone, Flute or Bass player using real instruments. However, these samples can be vastly improved with midi control messages and I am working on that learning curve.

Note: Still hard to get beyond the "canned" sound but I'm working on it... So, works in progress...

Additional Note: Some friends have said they prefer the solo piano pieces but I prefer the ensemble pieces mostly because they are more challenging to put together.

Ideally, I would love to re-engineer everything with my old musician friends from the 70's using Reaper as everyone is scattered. This way we could have real solos. Probably never happen...

Headphones or Ear Buds Highly Recommended

Solo Playlist | Trio Playlist | Ensemble Playlist | 1990 Playlist

All Materials (c) 1968 to present date - Tremaine Parsons

These all still need some nice solos added to the mix...

Drive Away Funk
Conceived 1970's
Engineered 09/23/2020
This is the fist stab with the new software
Not quite where I want it yet
Drums, Piano, Upright Bass, Bari and Tenor Sax, Alto Flute
drive_away_funk.mp3 (Ensemble)
El Caribe *
Conceived 1970's
This was a favorite of my
Father: Bob
Engineered 09/23/2020
Drums, Piano, Upright Bass, Bari and Tenor Sax, Alto Flute
el_caribe_solo2.mp3 (Solo Piano)

el_caribe_trio.mp3 (Trio)

el_caribe.mp3 (Ensemble)

Mountain Bird Search *
Conceived Mid 1970's
Engineered 09/27-29/2020
Drums, Piano, Upright Bass, Alto Flute, Alto Flute
Click her for Project Image
mountain_bird_search_solo.mp3 (Solo Piano)

mountain_bird_search_trio.mp3 (Trio)

mountain_bird_search.mp3 (Ensemble)

New Air *
This is a new one conceived in July 2020
Engineered 10/01/2020

Drums, Piano, Upright Bass, Alto Flute, Alto Flute
new_air_solo.mp3 (Solo Piano)

new_air_trio.mp3 (Trio)

new_air.mp3 (Ensemble)

The Faker
Conceived Late 1970's
Engineered 10/04/2020
Drums, Piano, Upright Bass, 2 Tenor Sax
the_faker_solo.mp3 (Solo Piano)

the_faker_trio.mp3 (Trio)

the_faker_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)

Island Fever *
Conceived Late 1970's
Engineered 10/08/2020
Drums, Piano, Upright Bass, Bari and Tenor Sax, Alto Flutes
island_fever_trio.mp3 (Trio)

island_fever_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)

Runnin Away (Vocals - Ensemble)
(Maybe I should say Croakals)
(Hard to sing way back then)
Conceived Late 1970's
Engineered 10/20/2020
Drums, Piano, Upright Bass, Bari and Tenor Sax, Alto Flute
runnin_away_solo.mp3 (Solo)

runnin_away_trio.mp3 (Trio)

runnin_away_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)

Conceived Early 1970's
Re-Engineered 10/24/2020
Modified 11/15/2020
Drums, Piano, Alto Flute, Flute
calm_solo.mp3 (Solo)

calm_trio.mp3 (Trio)

calm_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)

Just in My Head *
This one needs a REDO!
Not happy with it yet.
This one has been in
my head since the 70's

Engineered 10/03/2020
just_in_my_head_solo.mp3 (Solo Piano)

just_in_my_head_trio.mp3 (Trio)

Hangin Around the 279 *
About this Tune/Title
Conceived Early 1980's
Engineered 11/01/2020
Drums, Piano, Bass, Alto Flute, Flute
279_trio.mp3 (Trio)
(Re-make of Oh Baby)
Conceived Early 1970's

Engineered 11/15/2020
sunshine_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)
Dancing Bears
Conceived Summer 2021
Engineered 06/27/2021
dancing_bears_trio.mp3 (Trio)

dancing_bears_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)

Puzzle Pieces *
Conceived Summer 2021
Engineered 06/29/2021

Drums, Piano, Bass, Bari and Tenor Sax
puzzle_pieces_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)
Never Forever
Chord Progression conceived
over the many years
Ensemble Engineered 10/23/22

Drums, Piano, Bass, Bari and Tenor Sax, Trumpet
never_forever_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)
Driving On Down
Chord Progression evolved
over the many years. Inspired by
"Liberated Brother" - Horace Silver
Similiar but different
Ensemble Engineered 10/27/22

Drums, Piano, Bass, Bari and Tenor Sax
driving_on_down_solo.mp3 (Solo)

driving_on_down_trio.mp3 (Trio)

driving_on_down_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)

Through the Vines *
Conceived October 2022
A new one!
Ensemble Engineered 10/29/22

Drums, Piano, Bass, Alto Flutes
through_the_vines_solo.mp3 (Solo)

through_the_vines_trio.mp3 (Trio)

through_the_vines_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)

Recollections2 *
Remake of Original Recollections
Conceived 1970's, First Engineered late 80's
Current Ensemble Engineered 11/13/22

Drums, Piano, Bass, Bari and Tenor Sax
recollections2_slower_solo.mp3 (Slower Solo)

recollections2_solo.mp3 (Solo)

recollections2_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)

Conceived November 2022
Ensemble Engineered 11/20/22

This one really should have ear buds
Drums, Piano, Bass, Tenor and Bari Sax
rover_ens.mp3 (Ensemble)

Original 1979-1981 Tape Recordings

8/25/20 Update: I just unpacked my Teac 4 track reel to reel tape deck after at least 30 years.
I had to replace the main drive belt but actually got it working. I purchased this machine in February of 1979 and recorded a bunch of my compositions with multipart overdubbing of Piano, Flute, Sax, Voice, and Drums in various combinations.

The taped recordings from 1979+, and recently converted to mp3, have their rough spots but I have
decided to post some of them (at bottom) until I rework them into better versions.

Multipart Saxophone Sketches
(Mostly for Brian and John)
All Sax parts arranged and played by "moi" Some are pretty "rough"
Oh Baby
Conceived Early 70's
Recorded 1979+
Converted from Tape to MP3 08/30/20

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